Transforming Financial Fraud Detection: Learn from Zurich Cantonal Bank’s Transition Journey from Rule-Based to AI Systems
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Key Highlights of the Webinar:

Understanding the Shift: A brief exploration of the evolving landscape of financial fraud and why AI presents a compelling solution over traditional rule-based systems.

Transition Journey: Unpack the best practices and strategies instrumental in transitioning from a rule-based to an AI-based environment, focusing on how to effectively blend both approaches.

Implementation Insights: Real-world advice on initiating and managing the transition process.

Practical Benefits: Concrete examples of how NetGuardians’ AI-based system outperforms traditional methods, focusing on reduced false positives and new fraud detection capabilities.

Live Demo: Witness the capabilities of NetGuardians’ advanced AI-based fraud detection system through a live demonstration, highlighting its user interface and operational features.

Q&A Session: An interactive segment for attendees to ask questions and gain further insights.