The Top Banking Fraud Types to Watch in 2024

$4.7 trillion is lost to fraud every year.

About this white paper:

A staggering five percent of corporate revenue is lost to fraud every year, totaling US$4.7 trillion globally according to the ACFE. And fraud is growing, relentlessly. 
Read about the evolving tactics of fraudsters in 2024, from conventional scams to sophisticated deep fakes, and discover how cutting-edge technology like NetGuardians’ AI-driven anti-fraud systems and collaborative initiatives like  Community Scoring & Intelligence Service can fortify the fight against fraud. 

Download this white paper to learn:

  • The full range of banking frauds that specialists are seeing right now
  • How deep fakes and crime-as-a-service software have created new vulnerabilities for banks and their customers
  • Case studies on verified fraud attempts of many different types
  • The most effective technologies to combat fraud
  • Why an AI-based approach is the key to detecting and preventing losses